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RD Elite skates and gear is made for the skater by the skater. Our love of skating as well as our desire to push the boundaries in the sport keeps us at the drawing board every day so that you can stay out in front on our equipment.

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  • Elite Roller Derby Skates

    RD Elite Roller Derby Skates are designed for maximum performance at every level of the user. From first time skater to World Champions, we have a skate package that will fit your athletic needs. The innovations and technological advances used in our highest end skates can be found trickled down to our starter packages because we want you to love to skate from the very first step.

  • Elite Inline Skates

    The RD Elite Inline skates are engineered for both the performance minded skater and those just starting to take off on wheels. We love to push the human potential and our Elite line of Inline skates will help propel you to new adventures on the road and of the spirit.

  • Elite Rink / Jam Skates

    The RD Elite rink skates take us back to the days of roll bounce, rhythm lines and jam skates. High quality materials meshed with the newest skate innovations will help these skates put you in the crew.  RD Elite rink skates are made to look as good under the lights as fresh as they move with the bass.

  • Elite Gear

    RD Elite gear and accessories is our idea of extending our love of skating through the entire experience. Our pads and protective borrows technology from our co brand and industry leading Tour Hockey to bring lightweight and moisture wicking materials to all roller sports. Our gear bags and soft goods are always turning heads with our mix of  West Coast, Midwest and European influence.

  • Candi Roller Skates

    RD Elite Candi Roller Skates are built for both performance and style. Our Candi Grl and ReeWind skates are throw backs to the glory days of roller skating and are sure to turn heads on both boardwalks and the local roller rinks.

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Showing 1 - 9 of 32 items
Showing 1 - 9 of 32 items