Punchy O'Guts AKA Amy Martin

Name: Amy Martin

Derby Name: Punchy O’Guts

Derby #: 4EYES

Birth place: Pittsburgh, PA (currently living in Portland, Maine)

Birthday: Jan 11, 1977

Derby Position: Blocker: Maine Roller Derby 2006-2012; Resurgam Roller Derby and Fog City Rollers 2014-2015

Coach: 2012-present

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How did you get started playing Roller Derby?

I was working as journalist and received a press release for a league starting up. I dismissed the idea, thinking I was too old, too out of shape, and too prone to injury (I had two knee surgeries in the past). I couldn’t shake the desire to check it out, and couple months later I showed up to a practice, immediately fell in love, and never stopped skating.

What is your most memorable moment you have had playing Roller Derby?

I’ve been playing for almost 10 years, so I have had SO many memorable moments, for which I am eternally grateful. A pinnacle of my derby career was playing in the 2011 WFTDA Eastern Regionals Tournament because so much of my experience culminated toward that experience. Prior to the beginining for the 2011 season, my team was in the process of rebuilding (several teammates had retired). My passion for playing was dwindling, as this had been the third time my team had to rebuild, and for the first time I was not excited about the season. But! Along came Polly Gone and Barbara Ambush (they transferred from Gotham before moving on to Texas), who breathed new life into the team. During the time they spent with us, we were able to schedule the most games we’d ever played in a season, travel to Indiana, Pennsylvania, DC, and Montreal. Our ranking improved, which afforded us an invite to the WFTDA tournament in Baltimore. We had been invited in 2009 but had to turn it down because so many teammates had retired and the league decided we didn’t have enough people to play in the tournament. Since losing that opportunity, I had been working hard to improve my individual skills and to build the team so that we could return. Receiving the invite and being able to attend (finally) was everything. Even though we lost every single game in the 2011 tournament, we gained the invaluable experience of participating in a high-level competitve tournament with some of the best deby athletes in the world. On our first day of the tournament, we got to play Gotham because Dutchland had forfeited their game. Gotham invited us to play them, and we agreed, assuming we’d probably never have the opportunity again. The phrase “Maine Up!” was used to describe our fearless dedication to competing. I was insanely proud of my team and all the work we put in to get to that point.

What are some of your greatest accomplishments on roller skates?

  • Roller Derby Elite Sponsorship 2015
  • MVP : Port Authorities vs Boston Massacre 6/16/12
  • MVP : Port Authorities vs Atlanta Rollergirls 2/18/12
  • Wicked Smaht Skater 2011 (MRD Skater Award)
  • MVP: Thanks for Giving Charity Bout Nov 2011 (intra-league)
  • WFTDA Skater of the Month June 2011
  • Hardest Hits 2010 (MRD Skater Award)
  • Most Feared 2010 (MRD Skater Award)
  • MVP : Port Authorities vs CT Stepford Sabotage 8/28/10
  • MVP : Port Authorities vs BDD's Wicked Pissah's 8/14/10
  • MVP : Port Authorities vs Harrisburg 4/25/10
  • MVP : Calamity Janes vs Rochester 9/26/09
  • MVP : Port Authorities vs Philly Liberty Belles 6/13/09
  • MVP : Port Authorities vs Charm City 3/22/09
  • MVP : Wicked vs Good Intra-league bout 10/11/08
  • Hardest Hits 2008 (MRD Skater Award)
  • Most Feared 2008 (MRD Skater Award)